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Why We Are Different

Certified Trainers Who Care


Our trainers take your weight loss and fitness goals seriously. We analyze your body type and  metabolism, to create your individualized fitness program.

All beginners  are required to go through an intense 6-week program.  The 6- week program is designed to build self-confidence and evaluate the client's past obstacles. 

A client's first milestone is set at 25 pounds. 

Knowledgeable Medical Experts


My name is Bill Bennett, and I started my fitness journey five years ago at 270 LB. I was working nights as an ICU nurse living off energy drinks and giving my life to a job that found me disposable. I saw my driver's license pic and not only did I not recognize myself; I saw my father. I had to make a change, or I was going to die an early death; like him.

I'm Now 210 LB and 10 % BF.  I want to teach you not only how I lost the weight but how I reversed the aging process.  If you are serious about a complete life change and a body you never thought you could achieve; my program is for you. 

It will not be easy. But nothing in life worthwhile is.

Your Success is Our Goal


What makes Bill Bennett Boot camps so unique is that it's not just a gym, its a fully immersive studio.  We have helped hundreds lose weight and maintain, and one reason or success rate is so high is that we carefully evaluate if a client is truly ready to surrender and trust the proven process here at the studio.

We understand that changing fitness habits is difficult. Our goal is to change your view on healthy living, so that it becomes apart of who you are and your lifestyle. We believe that if you practice healthy habits, you will be able to obtain a healthy lifestyle. 


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