App Issues


Having issues with smartphone application?

The joys of technology. It is great when it is working.

But when it doesn't ...Here are many common errors and why.

" I cannot book next week, it is asking me to pay"

The system works in 30-day increments. So if your billing date is on the 15th. You cannot book past the 15th of the next month. Many times when it is close, like the 14th the app will not allow you to book until the next payment clears.

If you paid up front, the same rules apply. Even know your balance is zero, the system works on a billing date the same. We bill on the 1st or the 15th. 

" It is just not working"

Remember we have created your profile for you. If you downloaded the application and started to build a profile. You will have two profiles and then the system will freeze your account.

You can always call Heather at 407.242.5333 if none of this helps you.