Bill Bennett In Your Office 28 Day Challenge


“Misery loves company.” That’s the way the old saying goes, but must we be so cynical? Other, better things love company too. Like health and fitness. Notice how you’re less likely to cancel a trip to the gym when you’ve made plans with a workout buddy?

This brings me to your next mission: increase overall office wellness with Bill Bennett Boot Camps 28 Day Challenge Internal Office Challenge.

Why’s this worth your time? 

Bill is not only a successful personal trainer and studio owner but has helped hundreds of people lose stubborn belly fat and turn their life around that was going quickly down a path of sickness and accelerated aging.  He has a BSN and also has 12 years of ICU experience which gives him knowledge of clients medications and medical issues.

A healthy office is a productive and responsive one. Ever try to roll out a new system to a bunch of sluggish, sniffling slugs? It makes a tricky task even more difficult. A sharp, energetic staff is more likely to roll with the punches and adapt quickly.

If those you interact with on a daily basis are examples of good health, you too will be more likely to adopt good-for-you habits. Imagine having an office FULL of workout buddies!

Your employees will be more productive, and they will develop better working relationships because we will be doing team workouts which will push them to the edge.

Now, we know office dwellers are creatures of habit. Your staff may already be ultra-marathoners and whole foods gurus. Or, they could be more of the couch potato variety. 

No matter where your colleagues fall on the wellness spectrum, we have ideas for how you can get everyone involved in our office 28 Day Challenge.

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