Sam's Story
I’ve been in and out of gyms for years. Have had many trainers, some of them were former military in Washington, DC, bodybuilders and professional fitness instructors. While I’ve seen some little result over the years, nothing was working. When I hit 30, I almost hit what I consider my version of “rock bottom,” gained a lot of weight, wasn’t keeping up with the gym, was out of shape and out of breath so quickly,…. I hit my peak weight on January 1st at 214 pounds (While I spent most of my 20s at 185pounds)! Then my neighbors convinced me to join Bill Bennett Boot Camp and so I did, somewhat reluctantly. It didn’t take me long to get hooked. I can honestly say I have never had such results in my entire adult life working with trainers and belonging to many gyms. Less than five months after joining, I had already lost close to 25 pounds, and my endurance and strength increased significantly. I owe it all to boot camp which has now become part of my daily routine. I don’t even have to force myself to work out; it’s just part of what I do in the morning. Yes, it’s tough, challenging, but the results speak for themselves. I couldn’t have achieved what I have accomplished working out on my own or with the previous trainers I have had!



Tara's Story
After 35 years old, eating a low carb diet (South Beach) and running here and there was not yielding the results that I was used to, I needed to try something different.

I was just told a few months prior that I have barely any cartilage in my knee and that running would not be recommended any longer. The doctor told me to stay away from squats and running. The elliptical eventually bored me to death. I need to change something, but what?

I stumbled upon Bill Bennett’s Bikini challenge on Facebook that a co-worker shared-coincidently I was about to purchase a boat at that point last year. I wanted to be in a bikini and feel amazing. I researched all I could about Bill Bennett and his business and listened to his podcasts.

Would I see results he promised? This was a huge commitment for me to take three evenings a week from my husband and my two young girls. I went to his mandatory Sunday overview that included Phase 1 Keto and how his classes worked. No big deal…I can eat like that. I had already weened myself off sugar for quite some time, but how would only eating protein and fat get me there?

Let’s talk about there…there was not a number, there to me was me feeling great enough to wear a bikini on my boat. I would send Bill my Macros until it was perfect for what I thought my goal weight would be.

I only had the confidence to do the beginner 45-minute class in the evening for three weeks, until I finally asked Bill if he would clear me for the more advanced class. Some of the exercises were modified because I don’t have the best knees. When I do squats correctly it doesn’t even affect my knee.

At that point, he cleared me, but I only had a week left of this challenge. Everyone was so welcoming and I was introduced to a buddy that showed me the ropes.

At the end of my challenge, I was down 12 lbs, stronger, and completely committed. I had to buy new clothes - that was a huge motivator. I did everything by the book, I didn’t cheat, and worked my tail off. I had realistic expectations. I knew that this weight did not creep up on me overnight nor would it fall off overnight. I held myself accountable; only I could make this happen. I reached 20 lbs lost the 3rd month, 30 lbs. by the 6th month.



Laurie's Story.
Yep, I was yet another one of those women. Over 50, feeling past it. Empty nester, job situation was sucky. I sat on the couch and got more and more flabby.

I saw a FaceBook video of Bill, talking about the fit 50 class and his commitment to an age group that most folks don't give much credence to, it seems. Not only did he make sense, but he came across as really meaning what he said. Every word. I don't regularly respond to a video, but I called and set up an appointment.

I got started immediately, first with the workouts, and several weeks later on Phase 1 of the Keto Plan. My loss has been S-L-O-W, but I absolutely don't care. Over the months I have lost fat, gained muscle, improved my balance, and most importantly, I am not afraid that I can't do things anymore. I have the power to take care of me. Bill and Matt have helped me believe that! They have been, and continue to be incredibly encouraging. I never want to miss a workout. Its as much for my mind now, as it is for my body.

One more thing that is important. There is a level of community when you workout at this gym. I'm pretty introverted and never thought I'd enjoy working out with other people, but I was really missing out! It's a gift to watch the folks taking charge and changing. Every time someone walks through that door, they are immediately winning.

You have my gratitude, Bill Bennett! I do think this is your calling.



Johnny's Story.
BBBC is not ONLY for beginners. Yes, it is an amazing place to start. The staff takes a holistic approach addressing the exercise, diet and emotional support critical for genuine success.

What about a non-beginner? I was already in decent shape. I was a veteran of P90x, Insanity Orangetheory, CrossFit etc. Could this place be good for a beginner and someone at my level? It is.

The program is calibrated to where you are now. You can be challenged wherever your current fitness level is. The thing that truly separates BBBC from the competition is their plateau busting evolution. Most programs are committed to a single philosophy or style of exercise. This prevents them from adapting to the constantly evolving science of fitness.

BBBC constantly evolves based on the latest science. This helps you to continue to advance in a safe way. I believe this variety helps address the risks of injuries due to repetitive stress common at other places.

You’ve got to try this place out!



Mike's Story

Bill Bennet is a place where you can’t fail if you have the desire to make a transformation in your life. Not only will you become more fit and learn about proper nutrition- you will become more mentally and emotional fit as well- completely transforming your life. Bill’s place is is like having an extended and supportive family. We celebrate your success every step of the way. We check our ego at the doors and accomplish our goals. If you have 100lbs or 10lbs to lose- you found the right place.

Michael D



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