How much does this cost?

The Cost ?


The number one question we get daily is " How much do you cost?" which we understand but it still surprises us many don't want to know our credentials first. We are the only weight loss boot camp in Florida with a medically licensed master trainer. We specialize in clients 40 and over who need to lose weight and we approach it holistically,

Remember we are a weight loss transformation program with a very high success rate. We need to do a consult which includes a health assessment

We cannot give a price until we know what we are facing. 

The Consult?


We will assess the following:

How much weight do you need to lose?

How old are you?

Have you exercised before?

Are you on medications?

Do you have any injuries?

All this is taken into consideration when we design a program specifically for you. Then we can discuss a package that works best for your budget and health level.

Step 1


Step 1

A Registered Nurse will meet you and you will get a 3D Body Scan. This will show us your accurate body fat. lean muscle mass and help us see if there are any existing or pre-existing health issues.

Here is a video of what to expect with the scan.  We suggest you wear a bathing suit under your clothes.

There have been times where we cannot take the client and we send them to a physician for a medical clearance until they can join the program.

Step 2


The nurse will sit down with you and go over your results which are yours to keep free.

Step 3


A manager will then discuss your goals and the options we have to get you there.

Step 4


We get you a meal plan and get you started. Most new clients have a 20-pound loss milestone in 6 weeks.

Do I Have To Sign A Contract?


No. We do not do contracts. We do month to month but do ask for a 30-day cancelation policy 

What If I Have An Injury?


We have over 22 Orlando physicians and doctors in our program.  We can easily give you modifications while the injury heals. If it is severe, you may not be a candidate.

What If I Have A Health Issue?


The owner of the studio is a 12 year ICU Trauma nurse. You will discuss, and you may need clearance from your physician. In most cases, we can work with the client by giving them modifications..

How Much Weight Will I Lose?


We completely understand you want to lose weight. The industry has changed dramatically.  We do not use scales; we use scans ( see pic ). These scans are 100 % accurate showing how your body shape will vary. It will give you the measurements, body fat percentage and more.  We firmly believe the scale is mentally abusive and not accurate.  Fat Loss is 1 - 2 pounds a week. You may lose more " weight," but it is not fat. It is water.

What If I Am Scared To Walk In A Gym?


We found that many new clients are embarrassed. You will find that nobody here is judging you or will not lift you up. This is including all the current members. 

Why 40 And Over Only?


40 and over clients have a different mindset and are exercising for various health reasons. We also found clients 40, 50 and 60 do not want to work out with 20 and 30-year-olds.